Friday, March 31, 2006


Yesterday was a very quiet one at my house... 

M, who usually never gets sick, was sick all day. He slept through the morning, and dozed off and on during the afternoon.  When he was awake, he was very subdued... and mostly just sat and watched TV.  I was a little surprised at what an easy day it was.  Because M was sleeping most of the time, and didn't have to be watched constantly (like he usually does) I was able to easily get the laundry caught up, the house straightened, and school done with R.  

Watching M is a lot like watching a toddler... he has to be watched every minute, and  it's unusual for me to have more than a few minutes of uninterrupted time to get anything done. I did feel badly for M though... Because he is sick so rarely, he panics a little when he does feel bad and he needed a lot of reassurance yesterday that he was ok, and he wasn't dying. I hope he's better today (although it would be nice to have two calm days in a row...), if he's not his pdoc wants me to take him in to the pediatrician. 

I think that's one of the things I'll never get used to (or like!), about raising a child who needs such close physician support. His doctor is  so closely involved in our day to day lives, that I sometimes feel as though I'm being second-guessed in my "Dr Mom" role. After being mom to five kids, and several foster kids, I don't panic easily about little illnesses. I watch for anything that might mean they need to be seen by a doctor, but most of the time I'm comfortable just letting illnesses run their course and doctoring the kids myself, at home.  

The situation gets a little complicated though, when I have a doctor (who I respect) telling me that she thinks I should probably take him into the pediatrician... 

After thinking about it though, I've decided to just keep following my own instincts on this one... and worry later about explaining to her why I didn't take him in for an appointment. I did draw M's blood yesterday for his every other week CBC. If his white count is way too high I'll take this illness more seriously and make an appointment for him. 

Luckily R isn't sick, and had a good day yesterday. We got school done in the morning, and she had a nice time hanging out with the girl who lives next door and another friend in the afternoon.  The neighbor girl brought her pony over, and they took turns riding it around our little pasture. 

The pony  is a pretty little palomino who was used for years at pony ride places. Unfortunately, that experience has spoiled her in many ways.  She really doesn't like children (or anyone else) most of the time, and it's almost impossible to get her to move, unless there is someone for her to follow. She'll follow me around the pasture for hours, with R on her back... but just stand still if I stop moving or leave the pasture.  R still has fun with her though... and she's just the right size for grooming. 

 Here is a picture I took last summer of R and Penny the pony.