Saturday, May 19, 2007

I guess it's time for an update... 

I haven't been posting much lately; M's latest rough spell took a lot out of me and I haven't had the energy (or the brain power!) to post nice newsy updates. I've been working outside instead, hard physical work is my "therapy" and (LOL) I've needed LOTS of therapy lately! 

I started this years gardening by putting a little "mini-orchard" in along the hill on the east side of the house (inside the fence where the deer can't get it!). I planted two apple trees, a cherry tree and a dwarf peach tree. The trees are very tiny, but they are all doing well and I'm seeing new growth, so I'm hoping they make it. I'd like to put one more apple tree in for dh (he loves Jonathan apples, but I haven't found a Jonathan apple tree yet) and then my little orchard is done. R and I had a nice little "lesson" out there yesterday, looking at how the tiny apples are growing from the spent blossoms. There is nothing like hand's on learning!


I finished hauling the last of the compost and spreading it on the gardens... I turned the compost into the soil of little kitchen garden, and just yesterday planted the tomatoes and peppers. There is also lettuce, sunflowers, cilantro ("volunteers" growing from last year's seeds) and chives growing in the kitchen garden.


Dh used the rototiller to turn the soil in the big garden (it's just too much for me to do by hand) and I got the timbers arranged around it. Gosh, those timbers are heavy! Yesterday the kids helped me set the fenceposts and I strung field fencing around it and hung the gate that used to be on the goat pen.... So, now that I've fenced the animals out, the big garden is ready to plant! It will have pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini, and green beans.


M has mostly settled down again. He's having some problems socially that he didn't have before this latest "acute" episode, but overall he's doing a lot better. 

R is doing fine... She never gets tired of spending time with Grant, and rides several times a week. She's getting better and better at controlling him, and is now able to ride him around the pasture without needing my help at all. 

I love this picture of R and Grant... She was enjoying some ice cream and he was enjoying a treat of getting to graze on the long grass outside his pasture. They both look pretty content, don't you think?


And yes, we are getting some school done... but it's just too nice outside not to take advantage of it.

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