Saturday, November 10, 2007

picture post

Ok.... so there is a lot going on here, lots to write about, but I'm too tired to try to put words together in a coherent way. So I decided it must be time for a picture post. 

 The photos are pretty random, having little or nothing to do with each other... but I like them, it's my blog, and this is ONE place I get to do things my way! :) 

 We came home from town the other day and found the place absolutely over run with deer. There were deer in the big pasture, deer by the garden and deer in the front yard. Most of them were gone by the time I found the camera and hurried back outside. But I "caught" a few of them....


 This is Quin the Wonder Dog:


 He may weigh only 20 lbs, and have only 3 good legs, but the other day he chased away three mule deer bucks who just happened upon my open barn door... a barn stuffed full of nice rich hay. One of the bucks was very big, with a full rack of antlers. He could have made a terrible mess of my barn had he gotten inside. Luckily Quin was fearless in chasing them away and no harm was done (to Quin, the deer, or the barn!). 

 Quin is a funny dog. He's a herding dog who's afraid of goats, but doesn't hesitate to chase full grown mule deer bucks during rutting season!


 Quick update on my refinishing project. The desk is all striped except for a couple of spots on the cubbies inside. I'm just about ready to start sanding (which, unfortunately, might have to wait until after Thanksgiving!)


 It's going to look so great when it's done!

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