Friday, July 31, 2009

I haven't posted in awhile... it's been a busy summer and I haven't been spending much time on the computer. (There are so many more interesting things to do outside! )

We've been getting school done a couple of days a week, and working on the house/yard or running around the rest of the time.  We're alternating our "regular" school with a series of unit studies on different countries. The kids seem to really be enjoying the mix of regular "sit down" work and the unit study. Right now we are studying Japan... We've learned to count and say some basic phrases in (very bad) Japanese, we're read a Japanese folktale and a couple of books about Japan and Japanese life. The kids each made a small book about Japan (from the Enchanted Learning website) and filled out a worksheet with some basic facts about the county. We're doing a short "reader's theater" play based on a Japanese folktale, and the kids have been practicing their parts, andwe've learned about origami and have an ever growing collection of little origami animals,, boxes,  and other creations. We'll finish up the unit study soon with a Japanese meal... Mmmm!

Here's our little origami collection.


I was weeding the kitchen garden this morning early and realized that the sunflowers were completely taking over. It's been too cold for the tomatoes to be ripening much, but I ended up with a bumper crop of sunflowers!


They always seem like such happy flowers to me...

The farrier came this afternoon and Tucker got his hooves trimmed, just like a regular, civilized, donkey! It was the first time he'd ever had his hooves professionally trimmed... He's finally calm enough for the farrier to work with (without me worrying about whether or not the farrier has good health insurance!). R watched the whole process with huge eyes, looking as though she expected Tucker to finish Raul and I off at any moment. Tucker was wild for a bit (even jumping all the way over the hay feeder at one point!), but quickly calmed down. Tilly's hooves were trimmed too and it looks like the poor girl has a hoof abscess... Some horses (equines) are referred to as "easy keepers"... you just feed them hay, keep up on the shots and farrier and they're fine. I'm convinced Tilly is the exact opposite of an easy keeper. She has something or another the matter with her almost ALL the time. She's such a sweet girl though, I don't mind the extra work of taking care of her...

That's all for today... I'm going to try and do better about posting...