Monday, December 20, 2010



December 20, 2010

Outside my window... it's very dark now ("darkest before the dawn" you know) but last night there was a brilliant full moon. I love the way the big evergreens cast their giant moon-shadows across the pasture.

I am thankful for... the season... the wonder of it, and the children's excitement and anticipation.

From the learning rooms... R's still deep into learning everything she can about ancient Egypt, and I've also been thrilled to see the progress she seems to be making in math. M is unstable enough that just getting his cooperation for school is a challenge. We're still plugging along though... it's just not a lot of fun, most days, trying to teach him.

From the kitchen... yesterday was baking day 1. I made some easy cookies and candies and took baskets of treats to the neighbors. Today will probably be baking day 2... making sugar cookies with the kids so they can decorate them, and Wednesday will be baking day 3... when we go to the neighbor's house to decorate cookies with a few of the other neighborhood kids.

I am creating... I just finished a very fun project. It's a Christmas gift for a friend, so I can't say too much, but it involved painting on slate. I wasn't sure if my idea would work, but I'm happy with how it turned out...

I am going... down to the bank today to try to straighten out some problems with M's account. Usually, I love this bank (we have several accounts there) but they just keep making mistake after mistake with M's account. Hopefully things will get sorted out today, and they'll stop randomly withdrawing funds from his tiny little account.

I am reading... I'm kind of embarrassed to say. I'd like to say I'm reading War and Peace, or an in-depth account of some current global situation... but I'm not. I've discovered Stanley Coren's books and am reading about dogs. I recently finished his book Born to Bark (I had to check it out... I thought he might be writing about Quin!), and loved his writing style. Now I'm reading his book, How Dogs Think.

 I am hoping... we have a good week, and M doesn't destabilize any more

I am hearing... a quiet house... the hum of the fridge, Cody moving around getting comfortable, and that's about it.

Around the house... I'm cleaning things out... again. I went through the kitchen this time and filled a box with things we don't need/use. I'll drop them off at the Goodwill today.

One of my favorite things... the glow cast by Christmas tree lights sparkling in an otherwise dark room.

A few plans for the rest of the week... bake cookies, eat cookies, deliver cookies to friends, bake more cookies, eat more cookies, get seriously tired of cookies, find something salty to eat, eat just one more cookie... you get the idea.

A picture I'm sharing...

my favorite nativity set, sitting on a trunk I'm storing for my brother (this trunk was one my great-grandparents used, over a hundred years ago, traveling from Ireland to the States).

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