Monday, December 13, 2010


Home is good... and lately we hadn't been seeing as much of it as we would have liked.

So we made it a point to stay home as much as possible over the past few days.

R and I put a battery in the little tractor and harrowed the small pasture so it looks nice again.


Brighty is such a friendly little guy.  

We put up the Christmas tree and got the house decorated...`

... and started a new read-aloud, one we read every year.

We did leave the house to go to the annual Christmas Parade in town. It was wonderful... cold, but lots of fun. We had big mugs of peppermint hot chocolate to keep us warm, and R and I especially loved seeing the beautiful draft horses pulling the carriages.  

Things will slow down this week. We have a couple of friends we want to visit, and plans to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader... but other than that, we're going to spend our time remembering how nice it is to slow down and stay home.

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