Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Midnight star gazing

I got up around midnight last night to see the lunar eclipse...  I didn't get the kids up, R had no interest in it and I knew I couldn't wake M up in the middle of the night and not pay the price the next day (and the next day, and the next....). Disrupting his sleep isn't pretty, especially during Christmas week, when he's already unsettled.

The eclipse was amazing... and was thoughtful enough to take place where I could see it through the skylights in the classroom. I didn't even have to bundle up and go outside!

I didn't take any pictures of it...

...but did take this one of the moon this morning, dropping down behind the barn.

Still no snow here (except for a dusting a few days ago... not even enough to count!), it feels like this is going to be the winter-of-no-snow. There is LOTS of snow in the mountains west of us... but we're dry here.

Both R and I are yearning for snow...  We want it to look like this outside:

(this photo was taken in March of 2010)

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