Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our week

I tried to think of a catchy title for this post... something that sums up, preferably in an interesting or witty way, the past seven days.

But it was a week that doesn't lend itself to quick descriptions, and my brain isn't feeling especially witty right now.

As we counted down the last few days to Christmas, enjoying the special foods of the season... M's GI system decided it needed to remind us that it doesn't work properly is quite picky about what it will digest. M ended up very sick on the 23rd, and was up all that night with his stomach...  We had to be at the airport at 7:15 the next morning to pick up B (dd#2), so sick or not, he was in the car with us by 6:15 a.m. for the drive to DIA. Thankfully having his stomach so thoroughly emptied (sorry if that's TMI) helped him to feel better and he managed the drive there, and walking around the airport, with no problem. (My purse was loaded with a few plastic bags though... just in case!)

The whole family got together at E's (dd#1) house later that morning for a Christmas Eve brunch and it was such a lovely morning. It was Joe and I, E and her husband J, their three children, and B, K, M and R. We had a wonderful time... I especially loved watching the grandkids open their gifts.

Christmas day we stayed home, and B and K (dd#3) spent the day with us. It was a wonderful, quiet sort of day and thankfully M's stomach was doing better by then.  We celebrated Christmas one more time on the 26th, when we went to Joe's folk's house for the big family Christmas get-together. There were about 40 of us there, and it was noisy and chaotic, but fun... and such a blessing to all get together to celebrate the day.

Almost as soon as the piles of discarded wrapping paper were picked up from the living room floor, it was time to quickly get moving on the homeschool group dance I was helping to plan for the 29th. What had started as a fun project and one I was really looking forward to, had turned into a major stressor shortly before Christmas, when one of the mothers of the homeschool group didn't like the way we were planning the dance, and decided to lash out at me personally. When that happened I just put the dance on the back burner... the fun was gone from the job and I figured I could just ignore it until after Christmas, and if I worked hard I'd still have time to pull it together and get everything done by Wednesday evening.

That seemed like a good idea on the 15th or so of December... but on the 27th, with only two days before the dance and lots to do in those two days, I was seriously wondering why I hadn't gotten everything done earlier!

On Monday, the kids and I looked at the room we'd reserved for the dance, with the mom who was going to take pictures of the evening, and figured out decorations and things. Tuesday was our day to shop for the craft supplies. I knew just where I could buy what we needed, and knew the price was do-able. Easy right? But then that store no longer carried what I needed, and the next store I went to carried them, but it would have been more than $100. to buy enough for all the kids coming to the dance.

Mild panic was starting to set in as I drove from Denver (where I was shopping) back to town. M wasn't doing well (he was tired and had started hallucinating as I drove), so I was debating taking him back home for rest, or continuing to shop.  I had stopped at a light on a busy road leading into town, and was talking to M when a huge jolt from behind pushed my car into the intersection. The older man driving the car behind me hadn't noticed the light turning red, or my car stopping (yes, I'm incredulous at these things... how can one not notice those kinds of things?) and crashed into the back of us.

Rather than go on and on about the details of what happened next, I will just say that it was pretty dramatic... but no one was badly hurt. R got the worst of it, moving forward with so much force after the impact, that she hit the headrest in front of her with her face. (She was buckled in, but the point of impact was pretty much directly behind where she was sitting.) Thankfully nothing was broken... she has a shiner, and we are all a bit achy and sore, but no major damage was done.... physically.

Unfortunately, R's anxiety quickly skyrocketed to new heights after the accident (probably due in part to losing a friend of hers to a car accident in October) and we are still dealing with that aspect of things.

Despite the drama of the accident (and the drama of the kids reaction to the accident) I still had the dance to think about. I considered just letting everything that wasn't already done go... but changed my mind, called around and found the craft supplies I'd been looking for, and ran to town Tuesday evening (after Joe got home with a car that was drivable) and bought everything.

Wednesday (yesterday) the day passed in a blur of phone conversations with people at insurance companies, and making sure the kids were ok physically after the accident. A visit with the pediatrician helped reassure R that she would be ok, and Dr M also had some good ideas to help with the back spasms R was having. A talk with the people at the orthopedic clinic where M is seen for his hip problems gave me some idea of what to look for in terms of the increased pain M was having in his hip since the accident. The pediatrician also had M's hip x-rayed and the films sent to the clinic so they could check things out. (It looks good, nothing is out of place!)

By the time all the medical/insurance stuff was done we barely had time to grab the things we needed for the dance and run out the door to get there in time to set things up.

The dance was wonderful (if I do say so myself) and I loved seeing the teens from the group having so much fun. They danced, snacked, talked, but mostly danced... it was awesome.

That brings me back to another Thursday... SO much has happened during the past seven days I'm having a hard time remembering it's only been one week since M got so sick, and this wild week started.

It's supposed to snow today here.. and get bitter cold... and windy.

I'm thrilled.

I will spend today happily staying inside and warm, drinking tea, catching up on the mountain of laundry that has taken over my laundry area, and being thankful for the week we just had. It was the kind of week that just makes a person thankful on a number of different levels...

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some snowstorm pictures to post... oh and maybe some sledding pictures!

I do hope it snows enough for sledding...

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