Saturday, January 15, 2011

starting fresh

As years go...  2010 really kind of stunk.

At least for us.

I was extremely happy to kiss it good-bye and start fresh with a new year.

I think that feeling of a new year/a new start has been driving my mood lately.

I've been possessed by cleaning out-throwing out-giving away. I've gone through the basement and it's gone from a place you could barely walk through, to a place that's so cleaned out that I'm going to start gathering estimates for (finally!) having it finished. When we bought this house, six years ago, finishing the basement was the first thing we were going to do... But then we discovered the rest of the house was in dire need of major repairs and the basement project was put on long term hold.  It's a small space, but I've had fun playing around with ideas of how to do it...

I went through every box and shelf in the storeroom... getting rid of everything we don't need or use, and keeping only those things that are really important.  I love the process of cleaning out like that... It makes me feel lighter somehow to let go of "things".

I've taken one large load to the Goodwill, and have another ready to go.

I've gone through all the old photos and organized them and boxed them up... Then I went through 25 years of school papers (the older kids papers, they went to public school) and pulled out what I wanted to save for myself, and then organized the rest into a keepsake box for each girl, holding school papers, report cards, school pictures from each year, award certificates, etc.  It was a fun project and I think the girls will like them.

Like my sister, I love new beginnings, and I love starting off having everything cleaned out and pared down.

I'm not spending much time at the computer. I just don't have the patience for sitting at it right now...

We're getting lots of school done, and (unfortunately!) still spending plenty of time on insurance and medical stuff connected to the accident. We're also just relaxing and enjoying what is turning out to be one of those lovely calm spells we have from time to time.

The kids had a great time on Wednesday at the Special Olympics basketball camp with the Denver Nuggets. I was very impressed with the players... They seemed to be truly enjoying spending time with the kids, and it looked as though most of the team was there. I took some great pictures of the day, but unfortunately lost my camera somewhere between leaving the arena and getting home... so no pictures. If I don't find my camera soon I'm going to have to get another one... I don't mind buying a new camera (the other one was needing to be replaced) but I am sad about losing those photos. For now, I'm using my extracamera (the one I use for close-ups), and it's ok... but not the best for quick snapshots.

Well.... this has turned into a long rambling post so I'll close now with a picture I took this morning of the sunrise.

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