Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the sock of shame*

Cody isn't having his best day ever.

He has a tiny sore on the top of his paw and he won't leave it alone...

... so I had to cover it.

We keep single, and slightly holey socks just for this purpose... large ones work great to cover hooves, or with the toes cut off they make dandy little equine leg coverings (to cover dressings, ointments, small sores etc.)... small socks work well for dog's legs and feet.

Cody is awfully small, so even a small sock is very big on him.

I think he's embarrassed.

Today might be a looooooooong day for him.


Note to Steve: No, I haven't replaced my camera yet. I'm using my other camera, the one that has problems with it's focus and only takes decent pictures when I have it set on close-up. I can take great pictures of tiny details, but forget about a picture taken from more than a few feet away... One of these days I'll have to start shopping around to replace my "good" camera.

*a DIY adaptation of the "cone of shame"

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