Thursday, January 20, 2011

weather and rambling

It feels strange to write a post without any photos to add to it... My camera never did turn up after I lost it at the Special Olympics basketball camp, and I haven't taken the time (or spent the money) to replace it yet. So... no photos for awhile.

After several warm days the weather turned cold again yesterday and we got a little more snow. I doubt we got more than a few inches, but I'm glad for it... It was so dry for so long that every little bit of moisture is appreciated.

After a busy couple of days (going to the stock show, the stable for PT, the courthouse over at the county seat to drop off (another!) guardianship report, a homeschool group get-together, and Goodwill to drop off a load), we will be home all day today... hopefully getting lots of work done in school, and maybe a little sledding in, if there's enough snow.

I talked to B (dd#2) last night, and after four months of living and working in Kansas City, it looks like she'll be heading to Boston to work for a few months. I miss her not living close enough to home to visit, and worry about her bouncing from place to place... but I'm also enjoying living vicariously through her travels. She loved Philadelphia, wasn't crazy about Kansas City, Denver is special because it's home... I'll be curious to see how she likes living in Boston.

It's still dark outside.. the sun has not even started to come up... but Brighty is already braying for his breakfast. He must be cold... time to head out to the barn.

(Note to Steve about donkeys and coats: I do sometimes blanket Brighty because he won't go into the barn and when it's below 0 (F) it's just SO bitter cold and hard for him to keep his temperature up... but generally people here don't blanket their donkeys. The feeling here is, as long as they have shelter and plenty of hay they should be fine. All of our donkeys so far are either feral (rounded up with wild mustangs) or one generation away from feral (Tucker) and pretty tough. But thanks for the thought... it made me wonder how different my American feral donkeys are from your Irish donkeys.

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