Tuesday, February 22, 2011



February 22, 2011

Outside my window... the snow has almost all melted away and the mud is even mostly drying up. Must be time for another snowstorm!

I am thinking... about what to do about M. His gut still hasn't "woken up" despite ever increasing types and quantities of the medications that should work to get things moving again. Yesterday I even got desperate and let him have a large coffee from Starbucks, followed by a can of Mountain Dew. (Caffeine has also been known to get a GI system moving.) Unfortunately the only affect from all the caffeine was a jazzed mood and increase in hallucinations. I emailed the doc last night, maybe it's time for an abdominal x-ray. :(

I am thankful for... M feeling well physically, despite the GI problems, and a reachable pediatrician

From the learning rooms... we're still just keeping our regular routine, although yesterday I did give the kids full responsibility for a couple of their own subjects. These are subjects they don't need help with (usually) and I've told them they need to have them done by school time each day, on their own. I'll review them, but I don't think they need me hovering over them while they work. The word of the year seems to be independence, and I'm working on it hard with M, hopefully this will be another step in that direction.

From the kitchen...  I tried make yogurt yesterday from this recipe (using a hot water in my big canning pot as the incubator). I think it turned out but it was a bit of a hassle. Next time I'm going to try this recipe using the crock pot. It sounds easier.

I am creating... I've got a sewing project I'm hoping to work on today, and I've started work on the old ladder back chairs I got from my sister. They were our dining room chairs when we were growing up, but they need a bit of restoring. I'm working on cleaning them now, then will try my hand at redoing the rush seats.

I am going... no place today I hope. We have a busy end of the week, so a relaxed beginning of the week would be good.

I am reading... I haven't been reading much lately, so I'm still reading New York, and One Thousand Gifts

I am hoping... and praying that my neighbor's daughter is safe. She is only 19 and left last week for New Zealand to live on her own, work, and rock climb. I've been reading about the earthquake there and praying that she's ok...

I am hearing... nothing but the tick of the clock, the kids are both asleep and even the dogs are quiet. Earlier this morning I had to go to out to the car for something and heard an owl... very close... calling his "who who" over and over. It was so cool, standing in the dark and hearing his calls echoing around me.

Around the house... I've been working on a little project.. photos later. ;)

One of my favorite things... the tangled bare branches of the old cottonwood trees. I never get tired of looking at them, I think they are just beautiful.

A few plans for the rest of the week... several trips down to Castle Rock to take care of E's (dd#1) family's pets while they are out of town, movie tomorrow with some friends with the homeschool group, get R's locks tightened, work at the soup kitchen with a group from our church, and hopefully not have to squeeze in an abdominal x-ray or cancel any of these plans because of M's GI stuff.

A picture I'm sharing...

an old cottonwood we pass by each day on our way into our neighborhood

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