Thursday, February 3, 2011

TIRED of being cold.

Tired of being COLD.

I like snow... a good foot or so of snow on the ground makes me happy.

And I don't mind cold... I just bundle up if it's a little cold, and appreciate the frostiness of the air and the sweetness of the warmth when I come back inside again.

But I'm tired of this bitter cold...

Thankfully it's supposed to warm up again today.

It's barely 0 (f) outside now and I'm really looking forward to today's warmth. If it gets as warm as they are saying it will (32 f) it will feel like a heat wave and we'll trade our coats, hats, scarves, and mittens for shorts.

Thanks to Susan I found out what the light in the sky was the other day (see this post). After getting her comment I got very curious and sent a couple of my pictures into the TV news website. I got a VERY long reply... and it appears the light is called a "halo". Someone else from this area got a cool picture of sundogs, but I missed seeing them... I must not have been looking outside at the right time.

Here's part of the reply I got from the local weather guy:

"It was such a bitter cold morning today and we had a fine fog of ice crystals floating in the sky.  This does happen often in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Canada during the bitter cold winters that are common there.  The phenomena is usually called a halo or sundog. The term halo is generic for all rings, arcs and spots produced by the reflection and refraction of light by ice crystals in the atmosphere.  There are two major types of ice crystal, the hexagonal (six sided) plate and the hexagonal column - these two types account for almost all observed halos.  They can create a variety of shapes - rings, arcs, etc, because the tiny crystals are swirled around in different ways by the motions of the air."

The TV station even used one of my photos on the news that night! :)

The big animals seem to be handling the cold ok... Brighty's had a coat on for days, and I put a coat on Murphy too... but in true Murphy style he somehow managed to tear out some seams and break a couple of straps, and it ended up no longer wearable. (Remember... his name is short for Murphy's Law!) I've been out at the barn checking on the big animals and giving them more hay every four hours or so since the cold settled in, and except for some super nasty snowballs under their hooves a couple of times they seem fine...

The dogs have also adapted quite well. They are in the house almost all the time, of course... and Cody seems to be the only one who really misses being outside.

All three dogs can be very territorial, and bark at virtually anything that moves outside. Emma, our Golden, even barks at every single car that drives down the road. But I think Emma's barking is just being sociable... she's hoping if she barks enough the car will turn down our driveway and the people will get out and play with her. Quin (the Sheltie) seems to bark for entertainment... his. He puts a lot of drama into his guarding of the backyard... While Emma doesn't even bother getting up from the backporch to bark... Quin makes a big show of shooting off the backporch at high speed, rushing up the hill to the fence and throwing himself at the fence each time a dog happens to wander down the road. He's not aggressive.... just easily bored and rushing around barking is cheap entertainment.

Cody, our Bichon Frise mix, actually seems to be trying to guard us... personally... not just the backyard. He often sits, looking out the window into the back pasture... watching for... who knows? Whatever might threaten us. :) He's also the only one of the dogs that has ever tried to take on a deer... Luckily he survived that hasty, and risky, decision, but he still seems to think he's a Pyrenees that's somehow gotten stuck in a 19 lb body.

Since he can't be outside for very long, he's found a new way to keep track of things... giving up a bit of his canine dignity to sit on the windowsill like a cat. From the front window he can see the road, front porch, and part of the driveway...

Nothing is going to get past him....



We have hopes of getting to town today. We haven't gone anywhere but the barn and the mailbox since Sunday, and cabin fever is starting to set in. (Stephen King... The Shining... Jack Nicholson... we're getting close) Hopefully the car will start and we can go to town and remember what civilization is like again. ;)

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