Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We've been...

...drowning in deer lately.

They are everywhere... in the driveway, the front yard, even up in the flower bed.

Cody (a dog of very little brain) is very happy about our plethora of deer, and even got out the other day and went after one again.

Did you know that deer don't seem to pin their ears back like horses and donkeys do when they are angry? The one that Cody decided to take on laid hers down flat to the sides... it looked like her head was an airplane, with her ears as it's wings. I don't have any pictures of that particular bit of deer body language because at the time she was laying her ears flat, I was running up the driveway after Cody... and towards the deer to frighten her away before she finished off my little dog.

The kids delivered some of the Valentine's Day cookies we made to the neighbors yesterday. I was standing at the window watching for them because it seemed like they had been gone for longer than they should have been.

Before I saw or heard them, I knew they were coming... How?

The deer gave it away.


I love having the deer around... there is nothing in the gardens they can hurt right now, and it's fun to watch the fawns growing up.


I just hope that someday Cody figures out that chasing them is a bad idea...

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