Sunday, March 6, 2011

I didn't need it.

Could have lived my life quite well without it.

But I couldn't resist.

It seemed wrong somehow to just leave it there...

The battered old case sat on top of the thrift store display case between the basket of costume jewelry and the tacky plaster horse statue.

I didn't expect much when I opened the case, and was surprised to see the rich glow of the wood as the light hit it...

...a mix of finely sanded lights and darks.

The hourglass body was in good shape and the fret board was straight...

... and the price was right.

So I bought it.

I've loved mountain dulcimers for a long time.

Shortly before Joe and I were married he even made me one, from a kit we bought at the Capitol Hill (Denver) People's Fair.

I never learned to play it (babies and tender fingertips got in the way), but still have that old dulcimer. It's no longer playable...

...but this one is.

My babies are grown (or close) and my fingertips are callused... I think it's time. :)

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