Monday, April 18, 2011

a good kind of tired and dirty

Today was an absolutely beautiful spring day, and we should have been inside doing school...

But it was just too nice to stay inside, and there was a BIG job I wanted to get done outside so we only did our "morning school" and left everything else for tomorrow so we could spend the afternoon outside enjoying the sun.

The woodpile and kindling box area had been looking pretty rough, and that was the job I wanted to tackle. Our old kindling box was falling apart and I had a nice sturdy wooden box to replace it. This of course meant moving LOTS of kindling from one box to the other. There was also newly split wood to stack, a small mountain of leaves to rake, "good" wood (old posts etc. that can be reused for fencing or other projects) that needed to be stacked and just a lot of general straightening up.

R harrowed while M and I moved the old kindling box and started moving the good kindling into the new box. M only helped for awhile then decided he wanted to make something out of the old kindling box.


We pulled out hammer and nails and he started working on his project, and R finished up harrowing and helped me.


It took three hours of work, 4 wheelbarrows full of too small kindling (dumped down in an unseen corner of the far back gully), 5 trash bags full of leaves and twigs, one trip up to the road in the pickup to haul all the trash bags up...


... but it's done, and it looks so much better.

We'll need another cord of wood delivered sometime this summer, there is still plenty of wood to split, and I want to make a lid for the kindling box... but I'm very happy with the afternoon's work. I didn't think we'd get as much done as we did.

We're tired and dirty, and it seems like perfect time to put our feet up and have some chocolate ice cream.

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