Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finally reading the manual (part 1)

I have a confession to make...

I'm not good about reading instruction manuals... especially for electronic things... like cameras. I figure you just put batteries in (or charge it up) turn it on, point it at what you want a picture of and push the button. I can do that without reading a manual..

I've had a lovely little new Canon camera since January and am finally getting around to reading the manual. I read a little, take a few pictures, read a little more, take a few more pictures... I've been having a lot of fun with it.

I learned that my camera has a "kids and pets" setting, and since R is hiding out in her room and M is tired of being used as my model, I played around with this setting taking pictures of the dogs.

I am loving these pictures!

Here's Emma...our " old girl"... she's full of thoughtful old dog wisdom.

She's looking pretty good for 12 years old, isn't she? She still goes out to the barn with me each morning, chases rabbits when the opportunity presents itself, and even plays with the other dogs once in a while.  I think this clean country living is keeping her young! :)



Quin... our 6 year old sheltie, he only weighs 20 lbs and his hips and back legs are malformed, but he still sees himself as "king" of the dogs and works very hard to make sure everyone knows he's the boss and "follows the rules".


I like the soft look of this picture...


And Cody, our 2 year old bishon mix (officially a "zu-shon")...  He doesn't care about being the boss, and he doesn't have time to think deep thoughts... he's too busy looking for mischief to get into and having fun.


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