Thursday, April 21, 2011

foggy April morning

The past few early mornings have been hazy and a little foggy... the sun burns the fog off quickly but, while it lasts, I'm enjoying the cocooned in feeling of the fog hanging over the hills.

I took the camera out with me to the barn this morning and took a few pictures...

Yesterday was a busy day... I had to draw M's blood and the hospital will no longer pay for the courier to pick the specimen up here at the house, so after I drew it we had to drive it down to the hospital (just in town... not too far) and go through all kinds of new procedures to drop it off. That made us late for our next stop... picking up M's girlfriend on our way to the movies.

Thankfully we weren't too late though, because the movie was amazing! We saw Soul Surfer and loved it... what an incredible and inspiring movie. R had been a little apprehensive about seeing it (she's had a phobia of sharks for years) but wanted to see it, and gathered up her courage and made it all the way through the movie. She agreed with the rest of us that it was an excellent movie and was so glad she'd gone.

We took M's sweetie home after the movie and headed over to the BIG mall to find a place to rent a tux for M to wear to prom next weekend. His girlfriend invited him to her school prom, and he's SO excited. They are doing the limo, tux, fancy dinner... the whole shebang! :) He's been on cloud nine since she invited him...

It took us almost an hour to find the formal wear rental place, and by the time we got the tux rented and paid for it was almost dinner time and we were worn out... a quick dinner of scrambled eggs and a few chapters in our read aloud (Holes) and it was time for bed.

We'll be home most of today... it will be so nice to have a slow day.

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