Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's April 30th...

... and I woke up to a light dusting of snow. What a strange winter/spring it's been.

I wish it would just dump a foot or so of snow on us so the pasture could green up... then warm up so spring could really begin.

The pasture is going to look like a wasteland by July if we don't get a LOT of moisture soon. :(

Sorry I haven't posted lately... the past week has been a blur of basement construction and medical appointments and decisions.

The basement finishing is underway, the drywall was delivered yesterday.

One of these days soon I'll post some pictures of the project.

Unfortunately, both kids have medical stuff going on right now... R has been suffering with an infected gum all week (it's better with antibiotics and 2x day irrigation, but still doesn't look good) and her back is still giving her a lot of trouble. It's been four months since the car accident that messed up her back and I'm concerned that it's still giving her trouble. They did an x-ray this week that looked ok, so the next step is an MRI and a visit with the orthopedist. Those aren't scheduled yet, I'm still working on getting the insurance sorted out.

M's "good" hip (the one that wasn't rebuilt) has been giving him a lot of trouble lately... he says he can feel "bones grinding" in the joint. ~shudder, shudder~ so he's going in, possible this next week, for an MRI with contrast and steriod injections into each hip (the "fixed" hip still gives him a lot of trouble too). He's also been to the psychiatrist and opthomalogist this week, so it's been a BUSY week.

We are ending the week on a high note though... M and his girlfriend are going to prom tonight at her school. He's SOOOOOO excited. They have a limo coming (for a group of them) and it should be a wonderful evening for them.

Hopefully I'll have better pictures later, but here's a preview:

M trying on his tux...  :)

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