Wednesday, May 4, 2011

reading the manual (part 2)

In which I take even more pictures of my animals... (as if you haven't already seen enough!)

Because unlike my children... they will, without complaint, let me.

Murphy 15 year old (16 next month!) Appendix gelding, (mostly) undisputed king of the pasture and possibly the klutziest horse I've ever known. He regularly trips over his own feet, and if there is a way to get himself hurt or into trouble... he will find it. His name is short for Murphy's Law... for obvious reasons.


Murphy pretends not to care what people are doing... he's above all that you know. But he does spend a fair amount of time looking at us out of the corners of his eyes...watching us but trying to look like he's not.

Next is Tucker, our 6 year old burro. If Murphy is the king of the pasture, Tucker is, without question, the pasture security force. Nothing gets by him... approach our pasture and he's likely to stand at attention and snort a threat at you (running away if you get too close).  He prides himself on his wildness... but I know he's really a softy...he nursed until he was four (!), and he LOVES his morning hug.


Tucker on alert... he hasn't started shedding his winter coat yet, but with all the warm weather we've had he's hot... so he scratches himself on anything he can find... leaving his coat looking pretty patchy. He'll look smooth and sleek in a month or so when he sheds out.

And finally Brighty, our 10 year old feral burro... he was rounded up as a colt from BLM land in Arizona. He was without equine friends for most of his life, so his equine social skills are poor (he ends up biting and getting bitten a lot) but he's a puppy dog with people... especially children. If he could climb up in R's lap he would... but he settles for following her around resting his huge head on her whenever he gets a chance.

Brighty goes for the shaggy look...


I especially like this picture of him.... doesn't he have a sweet smile?


Well... I've run out of pets to take pictures of, I'll have to start stalking the wildlife again for subjects.


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