Thursday, June 30, 2011

a stay at home evening...

We've been so busy the past week, I feel like I'm passing myself coming and going.

Summer is a busy time anyway, with the yard and garden work added onto my regular house and barn work... and this year has been especially busy because I'm doing the finishing work on the basement as well. So my days are a blur of watering, staking, weeding and mowing... quick trips to the barn to feed, groom, water... laundry, cooking, and inside work... and painting, staining, caulking, etc. in the basement. This week R's been working at the VBS-type program at our church, so things are even a little busier than usual.

So I really appreciated yesterday evening... There was no softball practice or other activity to take the kids too, and they were both tired and went to bed early. I pulled out the dulcimer and played for awhile... playing some old songs and working on a new one I'm learning. The house was dim and quiet (except for me!), with just one light on where I was sitting, and the dogs were spread around my feet fast asleep.

It was a very nice evening... a little recharging for the rest of the week.

The dogs are my constant companions. Quin and Cody compete with each other to lie closest to me. This time Quin ended up on the step just above the old rocker where I sit to play...


...and Cody at my feet, resting against the dulcimer case.


Emma, our old girl... who doesn't have a competitive bone in her body...was just a few feet away, lost in the deep, blissful, sleep of canine old age and deafness.



It was such a lovely evening...

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