Thursday, June 23, 2011

Canine Boredom (aka Cody's Lament)

What's a little dog to do?

He's on duty 24/7 fearlessly defending the house against any and all threats...

and yet, for all he does for them... his humans don't even have time to take him for a walk.

He wants to GO someplace... explore the world... and they just sit at the desk doing something they call school.

Why they would think sitting still marking in books is more interesting than taking a walk, he'll never know. If they would just pay attention to what he's telling them and get up and take him around the block he'd be the happiest dog ever. He could smell all the smells, mark all the mailboxes (trees, rocks, weeds, etc) along the way, bark at the other dogs (cats, rabbits, deer, etc) he runs across. He could show the whole neighborhood once and for all that this territory is HIS.

How can he convince them to stop what they are doing and take him for a walk?

Suddenly, inspiration hits...

Steal their marking stick! No more marking stick = no more school = time for a walk!!

 With great stealth and cunning he steals it and runs. They'll never catch him... he is master of the universe, king of the canines... the fastest, smartest dog ever!

Why are they laughing?

Why aren't they snapping his leash onto his harness?

Oops... they took the marking stick back when he wasn't looking. They are sitting down at the desk again.

Sigh... humans can be so difficult.

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