Monday, June 6, 2011


... was the word that popped into my head first thing this morning.

The sun was up already and streaming in the window. It's been a brilliant red sun both at dawn and dusk the past few days (maybe a lot of dust in the air?). It looks a little strange, but it's beautiful.

I had been awake for awhile, but the magpies got me up and moving. The past few days our yard has become a nursery for fledgling magpies.. and they are noisy! There are magpies nesting in the big pine tree in the back pasture (right outside the back yard) and although I've heard them fussing for food several times, it wasn't until Saturday that I caught my first glimpse of them. There were 5 babies (one has since died) and they spent Saturday hopping and fluttering around the backyard, while their parents spent the day chasing and pecking at anything (including people and dogs!) that dared to come into the yard.

(magpie babies in the ponderosa pine in the back yard)


The babies were in the backyard again early this morning, and their parents were back to chasing off anything that came close. Their raucous calling got me up and I started the day by propping myself up on the window sill and watching the craziness of those baby birds and their overprotective parents.

And the word that came to mind was idyllic.

The pasture beyond the back fence is green from all the rain we've had, the gardens are in and growing, and the perennials are up and some are even starting to bloom.

The kids were out flying kites in the back pasture yesterday, and Joe's felt well enough to take some short evening walks with the kids and I. (And Murphy... we take Murphy along because Joe loves leading him, and Murphy, of course, loves the opportunity to see a bit of the world!)

(magpie parents keeping track of me while I try to take pictures of their babies)

Maybe it seems especially peaceful and serene... idyllic... because of Joe's recent health crisis. He's MUCH better now, almost back to normal... He might even get to go back to work in another week or so.

There is nothing like a crisis to make one appreciate the blessings of an ordinary day...

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