Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pumpkin Therapy

So.... the pdoc still hasn't called or replied to my last two emails. With the increase in one of his meds M is better in some ways but worse in others.

I'm going to have to track the pdoc down today and try to pry some advice out of him.

I'm irritated and frustrated with the pdoc so I spent some time this morning in therapy...

... in the pumpkin patch.

I was on my way back from the barn when I decided to stop and pull just a few weeds before heading inside... but one thing led to another and next thing I knew I'd spent a good 30 minutes down on my knees in the wet mulch and mud (it rained like crazy last night) pulling weeds.

I only came inside because it was getting late enough in the morning that M might be waking up and I needed to be in the house and showered before he started moving around. My barn pants were so heavy with water and dirt by the time I was done that I had to hold them up like a long skirt to keep from leaving muddy drag marks as I walked through the house.

I do love growing pumpkins... I love the way they vine around, the huge, sunshiny yellow flowers, and the promise of pumpkins in the fall.

Last year we had pumpkins to eat, to freeze, to carve and to give away. We had so many pumpkins that we invited the kids in the neighborhood to come pick a halloween pumpkin and even had a "free pumpkin" stand. It was so fun to watch the kids go through the patch, carefully picking their halloween pumpkins, and we even met a few neighbors we hadn't met before. :)

I've planted extra this year just to be able to have a pick your own pumpkin patch again...

  (the last few pumpkins last year...)

Sigh... enough about pumpkins, I suppose it's time to go and start trying to track down the pdoc again.

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