Thursday, July 21, 2011

the back pasture

With all the rain we've had, our back pasture is lush and green...

... for Colorado. Our average yearly precipitation is somewhere around 15"... it can be DRY here. But we've had a lot of rain lately and the pasture looks great. We don't work this land at all (growing hay etc) it's only use is pasture for Murphy and Tucker. And we are careful about how much they graze out there, in dry years it's not very often... in wet years several times a week. I have to limit them to make sure they don't graze the pasture down too far and damage the fragile prairie grasses.

There is a row of evergreens (hazy in the early  morning light) on the east side of the pasture. It's a favorite place for deer to bed down...

Looking above those trees, in the distance, is a line of trees on a hill. I love the way that line of trees looks silhouetted against the sky... they appear to be lined up perfectly on the crest of the hill.  (Although, if I was right up next to them I'd probably find that they aren't... )

Sadly, there are in an area that burned in a prairie fire last summer and they are all dead now.  But the ground that had been burned black all around them and down the hill since last summer is now lush and green again.

On the west side of the pasture our land just rolls into the neighbor's land, and there is a stand of huge ponderosa pines straddling the fence line.



 A deep gully splits the back pasture in two from east to west... it is a favorite place for deer to graze and play (and coyotes to hunt). Often in the early morning I'll see several young deer running and chasing each other up and down the hills. In the winter the sides of the gully make dandy sledding hills.

This back pasture is my favorite part of our land. It's never been worked, plowed, manicured, landscaped, or anything but just natural prairie. And with all the rain it's especially beautiful right now.

One last picture - wildflowers scattered across the back pasture...

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