Saturday, August 20, 2011

A quote....

... I recently found, and love:
"Sometimes courage doesn't roar;

sometimes it's a quiet voice at the end of the day that says

I will try again tomorrow."

I would like to make this into a plaque or something for M's room. He has so many struggles... the FASD, the schizophrenia, his malformed, painful, hips and his poorly working GI system... but he shows so much strength and spirit in not letting those things weigh him down to the point that he loses hope. He shows great courage each day...

This quote also makes me think of my friend D who has autism. He, with his family, is right now dealing with a community that doesn't understand him, and so is afraid of him. They are cruelly trying make him move from his neighborhood... I see so much courage in D and his family and they try to work through this situation.

And it makes me think of an older woman I recently met, who despite suffering a stroke five years ago, and having a left side that doesn't always work the way she'd like it to... is still brash and sassy... an upbeat person who cleans houses and does respite care for the developmentally disabled to support herself and her barn full of horses.

I think this quote is a good reminder that courage is not seen just in the BIG dramatic events, but is found every day in the quiet (sometimes sassy!) courage that is all around us.

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