Monday, August 22, 2011

Jumping on the bandwagon....

I read a few blogs that fairly regularly post writings from the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. After reading bits and pieces from the book here and there for several months, but not buying it or even being very interested in it, I finally broke down and bought it last spring. Since then, it's become a regular part of my early morning reading/prayer time...  (I think I resisted buying the book for so long because of the title... I think they could have come up with a much better title, for sure.)

Anyway... I thought I'd share some bits and pieces from the August 22 entry in the Jesus Calling book because it just seemed so pertinent to me, right now, today.

"Trust me and don't be afraid. I want you to view trials as exercises to develop your trust muscles."

Joe was back in the ER yesterday... I won't go into details (for the whole internet world!) but it was more of the same problems he had back in May.

"Refresh yourself in my Holy Presence, speak or sing praises to Me..."

At the hospital yesterday evening I prayed one of my favorite psalms (or parts of psalms), Psalm 59:16b-17 as I waited for all the tests to get done and results to get back... I do love those verses, I start my day with them each morning.

"...and my face will shine radiantly upon you."

Joe's home now, and this week is shaping up in involve a LOT of doctor appointments. (I've already got three on the calendar for M and R, and Joe is likely to have at least one or two as well!)

"Trust me and do not be afraid, for I am your strength, song and salvation."

I'm not sure how it's all going to get done this week, but it always does... It will be interesting to see how He pulls it off this time. (My "trust muscles" are going to be body builder buff by the end of this... ;) )

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