Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Poor Murphy is just miserable. The lameness he had last week seemed to go away so I just wrote it off as some minor soreness from him stepping or twisting in a weird way.

Yesterday though he was seriously lame when I went out in the morning to feed...  putting almost no weight on his right front leg. I gave him more bute but this time it seemed to make no difference at all.

The vet finally made it out this afternoon and says Murphy has another hoof abcess.

So... $137.00 later Murphy has a special water filled "boot" to wear and special apple flavored bute to take... because he has started refusing to take the regular bute (and threw such a fit about the bute this morning that I was afraid he was going to hurt himself!).

And one trip to town later I have a brand new bag of grain in the barn (to try to hide the apple flavored bute in) and cherry jello (to add yet another layer of deliciousness to the grain in the hopes Murphy won't notice the bute). Luckily I already had applesauce (to further disguise the taste).

 I also have one hand that is dyed red from hand feeding samples of the grain/jello mixture (no bute yet) to Murphy and Tucker. Tucker has added cherry jello to his list of foods he loves... it seems to be right up there with bananas, his favorite treat. (R and I say he's a tropical donkey!)

As the vet was leaving, after telling me to make sure to pick up some cherry jello and to remember to start with just a tiny bit of bute in a good sized measure of grain/jello mixture, he finished by saying, "If you had a regular horse you could just dump the apple flavored bute onto the grain and he'd eat it right up... ".

Silly old horse... He's  a pain but we do love him.

And we love Tucker too of course, who had to get right in the middle of things when I was out taking pictures of Murphy.

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