Thursday, August 25, 2011

medical stuff update

Sigh... I'm kind of bummed that I can actually write a whole update just on medical stuff.

I'd really love to write a whole update about interesting places we've gone, or famous people we've met.

But, alas, we aren't getting far from home these days and famous people never seem to stop by to visit...

.. so you're stuck with an update on medical stuff.


I really will try to think of something more interesting next time.

So... Joe is ok, and is back at work (the wonders of modern medicine!). They have adjusted his meds and added an additional medication he can take when he needs it. (Sorry if this sounds somewhat cryptic... if you know us well enough IRL to know what I'm talking about it will make sense, if you don't know us IRL... well... never mind.) I'm cautiously hopeful that he'll continue to do well. It's been a difficult, somewhat traumatic, summer with his health problems and we both could really use a smooth spell... even just a few months when he's consistently doing well enough would be wonderful.

As followup to a CT scan of his hips that was done last week (or maybe two weeks ago) M saw his new orthopedist again today. The orthopedist showed us what he was seeing on the CT scan (M also had an MRI done about a month ago) and between what the MRI and the CT scans showed it's looking like M needs another surgery on his hips. This surgery should be much easier than last time, it can be done arthroscopically and will not involve dislocating the hip. They will repair the labrum, if possible, remove any calcification and reshape the head of the femur. M will only be in the hospital for a couple of days, then on crutches for 2-3 weeks. Full recovery will probably take 4-6 months. Surgery is scheduled for Sept. 20th.

R is also looking at surgery in the not too distant future. She has suddenly developed a bunch of problems with her right foot. She had what we thought was a cyst on the top of her foot about a year ago. The pediatrician wasn't worried, said some people just get cysts, it will probably go away on it's own. It didn't go away though, and a few months ago another one showed up on the outside bottom of the same foot. The pediatrician sent us to a podiatrist who found all kind of odd things. Bunions for one thing. (I didn't even really know what they were until he explained it to me!) and old, healing stress fractures in two of her metatarsal bones. We have no idea where those came from... the podiatrist guessed them to be six months or so old, but we still can't think of how she did it! R had CT and MRI scans of her foot and it looks like the "old" lump is a soft tissue mass and needs to come out and be biopsied. The "new" lump might also be a soft tissue mass, but doesn't seem to be as worrisome as the old lump. R sees the podiatrist again next week and we'll see what he says in terms of scheduling surgery to remove one or both lumps.

Are you tired of medical stuff yet? I am... but here's a little more just in case you aren't.

Murphy came up lame yesterday morning and in true Murphy style absolutely refused to take the bute I tried to give him. spitting it out, throwing his head up, stamping his feet, trying to walk away, even just letting it lay on his tongue while I held his mouth closed and as soon as I let go... dropping the pill back out again. I crushed it and mixed it with applesauce, I broke it in half and stuffed it into his cheek with a mouthful of grass... but he was one step ahead of me the whole way. Luckily he seems better today so I'm hoping he just slipped or stepped funny and the little bit of bute I managed to get in him helped set things right again.

And finally... I'm sick. I have no voice. Don't try to call me because it's unlikely my voice will hold up long enough to talk to you.  When I was a little girl and got sick I frequently got a "sick present"... something to cheer me up or entertain me while I wasn't feeling good. I decided that being an adult is no reason to give up a wonderful tradition like getting a sick present when you are feeling bad.. So I bought myself "A Dog's Purpose" for my Nook, and have been happily losing myself in doggie adventures.

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