Monday, September 19, 2011

See ya...

No, I'm not going anywhere.

Well, kind of I am... I'll be spending the middle of this week at Children's Hospital with M. His second hip surgery is tomorrow...

His last surgery was SO bad, and his recovery SOOO scary, that I'm preparing for another rough road... and will pleasantly surprised and incredibly grateful if this surgery goes well and he has an uneventful recovery.

Please keep him in your prayers tomorrow... Surgery is scheduled for 10:15 and should last about 3 hours. If everything goes as planned we should be home on Weds. or Thurs.

We are all pretty stressed about this... (Have I mentioned how BAD things went after his last hip surgery?!)... but his pain level is so high that we can't just let things go. Every step is causing more damage to the joint, and the pain is so severe that it limits, terribly, what he can do.

So... tomorrow is it.

I'll post again when it's all over.

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