Thursday, September 29, 2011

When the going gets tough...

-the tough get painting.

-or the painting gets tough.

-or the tough paint compulsively.

...or something like that.

We are hanging in there... M's gut is still checked out to who-knows-where, but he felt a bit better yesterday which was good. We had a stomach/bowel x-ray done on Tuesday and there doesn't seem to be an impaction... his gut is just sleeping. It's stopped moving (mostly) as though there is a blockage, but there isn't one. So, thankfully, he's not in the hospital... we're managing things at home and hoping his gut stops being so lazy very soon and starts working again!

But back to painting :)

My "barn art" is finished and wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  I had my design sketched out on a (roughly) scale drawing of the barn I did on graph paper. That gave me a good idea of size, spacing, etc. I took my drawing, the tape measure, and some chalk out to the barn and since it was a simple design it was easy to draw up on the barn doors.  I did the painting freehand, except for the little pupils in the eyes... I made a stencil for those. The painting didn't take long at all, despite it needing three coats of white to cover the red.

Honestly the hardest parts were the first brush stroke of white on those huge, still pristine, red barn doors... and keeping the secret from Joe until it was done. (Luckily Joe isn't very observant and apparently looks at the barn only rarely... so he had no clue what I was doing until he saw the finished product.)

Here's how it turned out...

I may go back out and make the eye pupils a little bigger, but overall I'm happy with my work. It cost nothing but time, and it was wonderful to be working outside... feeling the sun and the soft breeze against my skin, smelling the good barn smells of hay, animals and manure, watching the hawks circle lazily above the pasture... after spending so much time lately taking care of M. I don't mind all the care he needs... keeping a schedule for pain meds, hooking him up to the CPM and then unhooking him, keeping the little ice pack machine filled with ice and on his hip, helping with bathing, getting things for him, helping him work on moving around safely on crutches... I really don't mind any of that. But it was a lovely refreshing change to get outside and have the focus of my thoughts switch from caregiving to the simplicity of cutting a sharp line with the paintbrush, and making sure the eyes I'm painting are roughly symmetrical.

I'm a bit sad my little barn painting is done now... but maybe I'll start planning a bit of barn art for the other side of the barn. :)

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