Monday, October 3, 2011

A woman's got to do...

... what a woman's got to do.

(And aren't I full of cliche's lately?)

M is still struggling with GI motility issues. He hasn't vomited in about 48 hours, which is good, wonderful... but I hesitate to assume it's because his GI tract is getting back to normal. It would be fantastic if that were the case, but I'm thinking it might also (instead?) have to do with how carefully I'm managing what, how and when he's eating. He's still getting only small portion sizes of super easy to digest foods... no red meat, very little dairy (except for yogurt), but heavy on fruit, veggies and pasta... everything fairly bland and no or very low fat. I'm harping at him to eat slowly, and chew each tiny bite many times (rather than his normal chew twice and gulp it down routine). I've moved dinner time a couple hours earlier than usual, to give his belly time to settle after eating and before laying down for bed... and dinner itself is especially small. M's getting his bigger meal (which is still pretty small) at midday now. I'm also making sure he gets in as much walking (with his crutch) as possible each afternoon. Needless to say M isn't thrilled with the changes I've made. He wants to eat BIG, to go out to eat, to have a hamburger or a burrito, to gulp down a soda.

Poor kid... he's hungry!

And so am I. When M is on a restricted diet, my diet is restricted too. He would NOT go for me eating a regular meal while he gets a dish of yogurt... and honestly, it's easier not to eat than deal with him watching every morsel of food that goes into my mouth, adding to his constant anger about food and eating. I noticed the other day that I've lost a few pounds since M's surgery, so I've decided it's time to take action. You know, a woman's got to do...

So as soon as M was asleep tonight, I pulled this out of the freezer and did a quick defrost in the microwave.

It's a Krispy Kreme donut, leftover from my grandson's birthday party last week.

It's going to practically melt in my mouth.

It's not low fat. ;)

And it is not on M's get-your-gut-moving-avoid-impaction diet so I'm going to eat it quickly and quietly and immediately load the plate into the dishwasher to hide any evidence of what I've done.

Mmmm.... I do love Krispy Kreme donuts.

I could make a habit of this...

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