Wednesday, October 26, 2011

early morning out the window musings...

Icicles are hanging from the gutter just outside the window, and the sky and ground are white.

The snow isn't terribly deep yet and the pastures still have islands of last summer's golden grass standing tall in the midst of the sea of snow.

The ponderosas on the north hill look like sentries - their silhouettes strong and stark against the white sky.

The pastures seem uncharacteristically empty... the horses I usually can see are staying in their stalls or sheds during this first blast of winter cold.

From my window view of the earth it seems frozen, both in temperature and movement. Only an occasional bird flies by to remind me that the land still teems with life... but that life, like me, is staying close and warm in their nest, burrow, bush, tunnel, barn, or den.

The snow has started again now... it's a white day.

(Bucks wandering through the front yard a little later in the morning...)

Update to my "dilemma" post: Thank you so much for all the feedback and good suggestions. The girl who cleaned denied ever seeing the jar of money and it appears the agency that hired her is standing behind her in that. I've filed a report with the sheriff's office and a complaint with the county agency that provides M's SLS services. Now there is nothing else to be done except find a new service provider...

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