Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cody takes a stand...

Our little sheltie, Quin, has allergies.

Except for heartworm, he's completely unvaccinated... because he's highly allergic to the vaccinations he should have... like rabies, etc. They make him blow up like a balloon and it takes lots of benadryl to keep him breathing.

Luckily he's not a wanderer and isn't sociable with other dogs so his likelihood of getting some dread disease (that other dogs are vaccinated against) is low.

Quin also apparently has food allergies... but after a LOT of experimenting I think I've finally found a commercial dog food that he can tolerate. It's made from sweet potatoes and salmon (yuck!) and has no corn. After being sick off and on for months (years?) Quin is able to eat again without getting sick. I'm so excited to have found something he can eat...

Emma (our 13 year old Golden Retriever) and Cody (our "Small But Fearless" Zu-chon) are not as excited.

They hate the new food...

Even Emma, usually so laid back refuses to eat it.

And Cody, even without words, speaks volumes to me if I dare to put the new food into his dog bowl. Here's what it looks like...

Emma quietly refusing her food in the background, while Cody's body language says it all...

Checking the bowl out... but being careful not to get too close (it must even smell nasty to him!)


Looking up at me expectantly... his eyes saying "surely this must be a joke?"


Waiting for me to take whatever-this-stuff-is out of his bowl and give him some real food.


The realization sinks in... this is dinner.


One last pleading look... (he'd make a good "Oliver" in a canine production of Charles Dicken's classic, don't you think?)

I gave in of course... He and Emma now have their own food while poor Quin still eats the nasty sweet potato dog food. The good thing is that Quin is so busy making sure he's the top dog that he gobbles his food down quickly and doesn't seem to care what it tastes (or smells) like!

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