Friday, April 27, 2012

outside projects

I was telling one of my brothers about some of the outside projects I've been working on this spring, and I thought I'd post some pictures here so he can see what I'm talking about.

Here is the new fence that started all the work... (No I didn't do this fencing, we hired it out) Chain link is gone, nice pasture fencing is up:

The front yard changes include this new path along the flower bed, and the "bench" under the cottonwood tree (that huge log is the only bit of wood left from the big ponderosa pine we had to have cut down last year).

I also moved the small trough planter from outside the yard by the fence to inside the yard, and planted a row of dwarf burning bushes along the fence line. They should be pretty in the fall when their leaves turn crimson.

On the other side of the driveway, my on-going project is cleaning up the border along the terraced area and filling it with large sized cobblestones.

This project is about half done...

This is the little planter I put next to the barn (this used to be a little weed covered hill). I'm not sure what I'm going to plant here... something the deer won't eat, for sure, because it's so far from the house they'll be all over it if it's something they like...

A still-to-be-done project is to terrace the area on the other side of the barn door and plant a lilac bush there. I'll have to protect it with field fencing for awhile (years!) to keep the deer from devouring it, but it will be pretty someday...

Last project... the fencing across my kitchen garden area. It's made from salvaged pieces from the outhouse that used to be out back.

Here's the outhouse... (this picture was taken right after we bought the house, it's since been torn down)

And here's the fence...

And a close up of the old logs...

I left the logs "rough" because I wanted to show their history... If I'd wanted new perfect wood I could have easily bought it down at the lumber yard, but I wanted to repurpose the wood that's been here since before the house was built, before anyone really lived here... wood with a history here.

So... there you go Steve... I'll be looking for pictures of your latest outside projects. :)

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