Thursday, May 3, 2012

A labor of love... (house before and afters)

In a comment to my post about some outside projects I've been working on, a friend asked if I had any before and after pictures. I'm not good about remembering to take "before" pictures, but her question got me thinking... and going through my files of old photos. I also headed outside trying to recreate those same photos...

Here you go Angela, a few before and afters...

Here is one view of the barn, in Feb. of 2005, just before we moved in.

The same view now...

A different view of the barn after we'd started fixing it up... This was probably summer of 2006.

The same view now... (complete with nosy donkey!)

I couldn't believe the difference in these next two pictures... Here is the east side of the house, looking towards what would become the kitchen/remembrance gardens, in 2005. This was before we basically rebuilt the outside of the house... the only things we'd done here were the new chimney (stone is new, old sided chimney is gone) and the railing around the deck above the garage. (The deck had been just open to a 10' drop to concrete!)



Looking toward the house from the west (barn pasture) in 2005. (Note the deck above the garage doesn't have a railing, this must have been just before that work was done...)

Same view today...

I hadn't realized how much the place has changed over the past seven years... thanks for "planting the seed" Angela!

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