Friday, June 15, 2012

building a "magic fence"

Since the big storm a week ago or so, I've been working to get things cleaned up again... raking up the leaves and branches, trimming broken branches, moving things that were washed down (like mulch) back where they should be, and replanting and reseeding areas that couldn't be salvaged.

Once the clean-up is done I'll finish my latest "just for fun" project.... turning our old wooden fence out front into a "magic" fence. (This is done with a bag of marbles from the dollar store, a drill, and several hours with nothing better to do than make the neighbors wonder why you are drilling a hundred or so holes in your fence.)

Here's a sneak peak...

Our magic fence:


I love how the shiny marbles look, especially with the sun shining through them, next to the old rough wood.

And now it's back to work...

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