Monday, February 11, 2013


Is the name of the game... at least for the rest of the month.

M LOVES Special Olympic sports, and his favorite sport is basketball. This is the first year in several he's really been able to play through the season... The past few years he either hasn't been able to play at all (recovering from hip surgery) or only been able to play a little now and then (because of hip pain). He still has pain from his hip dysplasia and the joint disease in his hips, but he's determined to play this year and LOTS of ibuprofen has been getting him through the season.

Here are a few pictures taken at a "practice" tournament this past week... (M is #27)



The BIG tournament is next weekend and once it's done his hips will get a break... Luckily Special Olympics swimming practice has already started... hopefully a little water therapy will help his hips feel happy again.

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