Friday, February 22, 2013

Thrifting Thursday(ish)

(Yes, I know it's Friday... yesterday was too busy to post.)

M earned a trip to Goodwill this week, and while we were there I was drawn to a little beat-up old birdhouse. It didn't look like much... the metal flower was rusting and the wood was a mess... but for some reason it looked like spring to me. Maybe because I've been watching the magpies starting their nest in the big old pine out back I was thinking of nesting birds...  For whatever reason, the beat-up little birdhouse looked like it might be a fun fix-up project.

Here's how it looked at first...


The flower itself is sheet metal, attached to the wooden nesting box. My plan was to quickly spray paint the leaves sunflower yellow, repaint the box and center of the flower, and call it good.

Unfortunately (or, fortunately, as it turned out), I had a spray paint crisis... Our sunflower yellow spray paint was TOO old, or had frozen at some point, or something... because it came out of the can in horrible plops, sputters, globs and drips. It's amazing how quickly a simple, easy project can become a mess... literally. (I still have sunshine yellow spray paint all over my hands!)

So I moved to plan B and got out my favorite gel stripper. It was either strip the paint I'd just splattered all over the metal flower, or toss the thing into the trash. I wasn't ready to give up yet so I started stripping the petals... and was surprised to find different colors underneath. (Hmmm...I wasn't the first person to paint it.) As I scraped the paint I decided I really liked how it looked with the different layers of paint showing randomly through on each leaf... so I left the leaves imperfectly stripped... leaving a little of the original paint, and a little of the paints that came after on each leaf.  I cleaned off the softened paint and left over stripper, took a wire brush to the leaves just a little, and then it was a quick job to repaint the box and center of the flower...

Here it is... a little bit of summer on a cold, snowy day.


I hope it gets occupied this year!

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