Saturday, March 2, 2013

~in like a lamb~

(I started this yesterday, Friday... but things got busy and it's just now getting finished...)

Today is warm(er) and sunny... not a cloud in sight.

It's looking like March has come in like a lamb... I wonder if it will go out like a lion?

(scrabble letters on my fridge... can you tell I was bored? I've hidden several words in the tiles for the kids to find.)

Just a few random thoughts today...

We're still digging out from the storm... We've been snowed in for most of the week after big storms on Sunday and Tuesday... We finally got out Thursday, after a friend sent an employee of his with a snow plow to make a run up the driveway. (Tractor still wouldn't start... which means Joe couldn't plow. Thankfully he got it going last night...)

Poor Quin.. it's tough being a small dog, with bad hips and legs, when the snow is deep. He is spending a lot of time on the porch...

I've been thinking ahead to spring, summer, gardens, the excitement of growing things.

So I've got a few bulbs growing...

... and I've gathered some odds and ends from around the house to "spring up" the mantle a bit.

... a few pussy-willows I cut from our bush. :)

I've been thankful for a break from the snow and a bit of sun and warmth. Maybe tomorrow we'll spend the day working outside... It's too early to garden, but there is still plenty we can do out there. :)

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