Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (hitting the jackpot!)

My dinner plates don't match...

... on purpose.

They are similar in design, but different in color, size, and design specifics. I like to mix them up and love how pretty and colorful they make the table look.

I have several each of these plates, with salad plates and bowls: (Plus a few of another similar style, which I didn't include because they are on the bottom of the stack of dishes and I'm too lazy to pull one out!)

I have just a few of these beautiful blue salad plates... I'd love to find more of this or a similar pattern.

All of these plates have come, a few at a time, from thrift stores. I love all the colors and designs, but for months now I've been looking for some plates with a red design to brighten things up a bit..

Guess what I found at GoodWill?

Just the set I was looking for...  four plates, salad plates and bowls.. in red.

It felt like Christmas... I'm so excited! Aren't they beautiful?

I almost hate to use them.... ;)

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