Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrifting Thursday

Just a quick post today, we are off to Denver later this morning to see the Mammoths and Mastodon's exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science so I need to get moving. The exhibit should be awesome and we've been looking forward to going for awhile now...

I haven't picked up anything too exciting at the thrift store lately, but I did drool over a couple of pieces of furniture that I passed up buying.

They are both beautiful, vintage to antique pieces... I just don't have room for them. (and they were a little pricey!)

I do love desks though... at last count I have five of them, two oak rolltops*, two small secretaries, and one newer desk/hutch unit in the classroom... but it was still hard to leave this one behind.

I'm not sure of it's age, maybe early 1950's?  I love the design on the rolltop...

It looks like a combination of mid-century style (the tall thin legs, light wood, fingertip drawer pulls) combined with a much older traditional rolltop desk style.

It's good I didn't need another desk... or this one would have come home with me.

I also have a weakness for rockers. I love them (I have five of them also... *quietly embarrassed*), and this one I found at Goodwill is gorgeous...

Great lines, very comfortable, no loose joints or broken wood, and probably antique. (I checked the bottom and there was a makers mark, I just can't remember it now to look it up... I should have taken a picture!) Look at the beautiful patina on the arms... It was hard to pass this up, but I really don't need another rocker!

I hope these both go home very soon with someone who will love (and oil) them... :)

*edited to add, one of the rolltops is just "on loan" from my brother, don't worry Steve... it's still yours!

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