Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm going to submit a photo or two to be considered for inclusion in the Longhopes Donkey Shelter calendar for next year.  I think our donkey Tucker is especially photogenic, and I've got several pictures of him that I think are good.

It's hard to make a decision of which are the best...

Want to help me pick which ones I submit?

These are the ones I like the best:

Tucker and his buddy Cubby, wandering companionably across the back pasture


Tucker on a snowy day (I love his soft eyes in this one...)


Tucker again on a snowy day


Cubby (a foster donkey we once had), again.. such soft eyes


Tucker, "on alert", watching something up on the road, I love the intentness of his expression.


I love this one of Tucker, but don't think I could submit it as the resolution isn't good enough... I do love the sweetness in those (begging for grain) eyes.

I'd love to know which one you like the best, and why...  Thanks!

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