Saturday, March 23, 2013

winter blast...

Ah... a little blast of winter can be nice. I do love being outdoors, working in the garden and puttering around outside... but I also love a snuggle-up snowed-in kind of day.

Like today...

We were supposed to getting together with M's Special Olympic team today at Red Robin for lunch and awards... I was looking forward to the fun the kids would have had, but dreading the struggle to find something M could eat there. Because of his gastroparesis he must stick to a very low fat diet, so eating out is hard. It's especially hard to eat out with a group of his friends who are all eating hamburgers, fries, burritos, etc. (and he's eating a bit of grilled chicken!)

So anyway... I was happy to see the snow.

I filled the bird-feeders yesterday and they are popular places this morning.

The "little guys" (finches, sparrows, etc) are at the feeder on the south side of the kitchen...

... leaving the feeder on the east side to the "big guys" (magpies, doves, pigeons, etc).

I'm working on a bunch of house projects right now (why I've been so quiet this week), I'll update with some pictures soon.

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