Monday, April 29, 2013

Help! Can't. Stop. Painting.

There is nothing that looks fresher, cleaner and just nicer to me than a fresh coat of paint.

And I don't mind painting...  I kind of like it.

I like quick, obvious, easy results and paint is good for that. I like the smooth back and forth of the brush, and seeing the wet paint dry to the color I've chosen.

But I think I'm almost done painting for this spring... the love affair is just about over and I'm ready to clean the brushes one last time and take a break.

 It started with the heat registers... that had never been painted. They were still primered metal after almost 40 years!


 I decided to fix that... I gave them all two quick coats of my favorite paint (the same color I used on the barn trim, the house trim, the back door, etc... it matches the logs of the house well).


 They look better now. :)

 Since I was right down there on the floor painting heat registers, my eye fell on the trim (baseboard and door moldings) next.  They'd been painted kind of a medium brown just before we moved in. I hadn't minded the color... at least not enough to think about repainting ALL the trim.

 But while painting the heat registers, I realized I couldn't look at those nasty brown moldings another minute! (Forgive the funny angle of this picture, I forgot to take any before pictures until this doorway was the only one left unpainted.)


 So it all got a coat (or two, or sometimes three) of white paint. (It's not a pure white, I had them custom match it to the "horseradish" colored paint on the walls).

 There is a lot of trim in this house, and the people who lived here before us apparently didn't care how it looked because it was poorly fitted, the baseboards "floated" above the floor in several rooms, most of it had never been caulked, and in some places it wasn't even attached to the wall!

 Well, there is no point painting something without fixing it first... So I've been going room by room in the upstairs (bedroom) part of the house, repairing and re-installing the baseboard and door moldings, then painting them.

 I really liked the new paint, but  I didn't really like the shiny brass doorknobs the previous owners had "upgraded" with. I'm not so wasteful as to get rid of a bunch of perfectly good doorknobs... but I was willing to spend the time to paint them.


So as I went room to room painting trim, I used the leftovers from my light fixture painting and painted each of the doorknobs too.

I was very careful about sanding and priming before I used the ORB paint, and I LOVE how they turned out. (And they are holding up very well, no scratches, chips, etc.)


 Here is one of the completed doors up in the bedroom area... so much better than it looked before!


 I made my way around the upstairs fairly easily, even taking a couple of weeks to paint and update the kid's rooms,  but I wondered what I would do when I reached the main living areas. Some of those moldings were put up backwards (with the thick part towards the door, the thin part into the room). What to do with those? Those moldings can't just be fixed and reused because of the way they were cut and installed originally... 

That's the project I'm working on now.

Since I can't reuse the existing moldings, I've decided to trim those doors with a different molding style then what is up in the bedrooms... but this post has gotten long enough, so that post will have to wait.

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