Wednesday, April 3, 2013

keeping track...

We like to keep busy...  but often it seems like the fun things we do are quickly forgotten by the kids. (Not because they don't care about those things, or have no appreciation, but because of the memory problems connected to their FASD.)

So a few months ago I turned my little chalkboard wall in my kitchen/dining room into a log or journal of sorts, and I list our "special" activities. It's always amazing to me how much we do. (I forget about things too!) Before cleaning off the wall and starting over again at the beginning of each new season, I take a picture of the wall to print out for the kids. (They each have a photo album for these pictures...)

We've just started the "spring wall" , here's the "winter wall". (The little box with Accra 6,742 indicates the miles away K (dd#3) is while she's in the Peace Corps, she wrote that after we mapquested it the day before she left... I can't bring myself to wipe it away... so it stays.)

    Our "holiday wall":

    Let's go back even further... our "summer wall":

    This has been such a fun way to keep track of the things we do... Often I'll find R just standing in front of the wall, reading and remembering what we've done.

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