Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ORB-ed chapter 1

I've been working a lot on the house the past few weeks, updating and freshening things up a bit.

I've been doing those jobs that when I would look around the house and see them I'd say, "I should ___________________ some day."

Then I decided someday is now... right now... today.

My first project involved getting brave and painting the light fixtures in the kitchen and dining room. They had been kind of a light, non-descript beige... and blended in with the logs above and around them. After doing some smaller projects with ORB (oil rubbed bronze) spray paint, I decided I wanted those fixtures  to be ORB'ed too.

Here's a very poor before picture of the kitchen light (that you are barely see)...

...and the one in the dining room.

(I really should have remembered to take "before" pictures!)

I was a little worried about how I'd do the job without accidentally spray painting parts of my kitchen or dining room that I didn't want painted. I had visions of over-spray on the logs... or the cabinets... or over everything. The first plan was to avoid that potential problem by having Joe take the lights down to paint, but the weekend I'd planned on painting I was all ready to go, and he didn't feel well. So instead of asking him to help, I bagged the kitchen light and painted it where it hung....

I wouldn't recommend this...It was kind of a ordeal.

I cut a large square of cardboard with an opening in the center and a slit down the side to the opening, then (standing on the counter, triggering M's anxiety in a huge way) I slid the cardboard under where the fixture attaches to the ceiling until the light was centered in the opening, with the cardboard snug between the light and the ceiling. I taped the edges of the cardboard to the ceiling, and used it as a base to hang painters plastic from. I cut slits into each side of the plastic for me to get my hand in to see what I was doing and paint... (It was a snowed-in, blizzardy day, I had lots of time on my hands....)


Luckily, I didn't get over-spray on anything, and I far as I know I didn't poison myself with spray paint fumes.

The second light was easier... Joe felt better and took the whole fixture down so I could paint it. It was the larger of the two and there was really no way I could have bagged it up anyway...

I love how the lights look now... You can actually see them, they are no longer "lost" in the brown of the wood that surrounds them.


Not a bad project for an $8. investment (the cost of one can of ORB paint).

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