Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thrifting Thursday

Today was M's day to work at the thrift store in town. He works (with my help and supervision) sorting, pricing, and stocking donations that come in. He LOVES this job... and I do too because there are so many cool things in the store. I frequently come home with one or two little things I've found and can't pass up...

Today seemed to be vintage day at the thrift store... I found several older items that I just couldn't leave behind.

Like this album...

How could I leave Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits there, mixed in with all the Barry Manilow, ABBA,  and Jim Nabors? I couldn't... It's on my record player at this very moment.

And going back in time a little further... how awesome are these vintage linen kitchen towels?

A set of two, with great colors and designs, ready to be embroidered, complete with instructions and (very old) price tags still attached. I couldn't leave them either... It will be fun to stitch them up.


The last thing I bought is an old, small, paddle shaped cutting board. I've been buying these as I find them for a craft I've been playing around with... I'll share some pictures later, right now the board is in the garage half sanded.

A grand total of $3. spent and I'm feeling pretty good about my finds...

Tomorrow, if M is well enough (his gastroparesis is giving him fits!) we're going to town for our "fun lunch"... eating someplace in town we've never been before, and then scoring the restaurant on everything from food and friendliness to bathrooms. It's always a fun time.... but also gives the kids good practice at looking objectively at something and comparing it to other  similar things, using a rating system, "grading" according to the scores we give, deciding what to grade (what is important in a restaurant? what's more important, cleanliness or friendliness?) etc. Hopefully M will be well enough to go. (We haven't been able to do our fun lunch since January because M's stomach has been so touchy....) I've got my fingers crossed.

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