Tuesday, May 28, 2013

catching up... a picture post

Warning... there are LOTS of photos in this post since I'm catching up on a very busy month or so for us.

I'll start with the RCC Prom the kids went to last month...  It was an amazing evening and they both seemed to have a wonderful time.

It was kind of cool too that it was the first big dance that M and R were able to attend together (usually it's just M and his girlfriend, or just R and her boyfriend at a dance, but since they are both members of RCC, they were both invited!)

At home before the dance...

and messing around in the parking lot before going in .

R and her date under the "photo-op arch" ;) Sorry for the blurry photo..

We are so fortunate to live in a community that provides opportunities like this for the kids... they had SO much fun!!

We also were lucky enough to be able  (thanks to my friend Liese) to take a historic tour of the town of Castle Rock on their cool little trolley. I'll post just a couple of pictures here, Liese did a much better job of capturing the tour here on her blog.

The trolley...

R and S on the trolley. M was there too, I just didn't get a good picture of him...

Then it was time for another prom... this was the COVA (Colorado Online Virtual Academy) prom. R's boyfriend is a COVA student and they always put on a very nice prom. So more prom shopping for a new dress, and a stop at the florists for another boutonniere, and we were ready to go!   Once again they had an awesome time...




Joe and I squeezed in an anniversary celebration (I won't tell you how many years, but here's a hint.... we've been married almost twice as long as I was single!), and I got some lovely roses delivered right to the door. (I also got a gift card from Home Depot... he knows my favorite store!)

Next up was out grandson K's kindergarten graduation. He's also a COVA student, and they did a very nice graduation for the kids... the kids were all so cute and took it all so seriously.

Here's our new 1st grader!

And that brings us to the last major event of our spring... M's graduation. We are having his graduation here at home on Saturday, with his grandfather awarding him his diploma. He is beyond excited... (it might be a long week!)

Here's a sneak peak at some of the graduation photos I took.


I think that bring us mostly up to date... I hope you enjoyed all the pictures. :)

Now it's back to graduation preparations!

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