Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Monday

Crazy Casa K

It makes me happy today that

... the little kitchen garden is in.

The view from the back-porch...

Here's a quick tour...

Herbs, lettuce and radishes (just starting to sprout), purple onions and green beans (they'll grow up the trellises):

Three little jalapeno pepper plants and carrots (not yet sprouted):

The tomato plant that spent the winter in the sun room/classroom, it looks a little straggly now but it did give us fresh little cherry tomatoes all winter (and it's still producing!). That is mint growing up around the base of the pot, around the flagstones. I use mint like ground cover, letting it spread between the flagstones and cutting  it with the lawnmower when it starts getting too tall. It smells wonderful to walk through....

Rhubarb (with a little more mint peaking out from the side):

this year's tomatoes:

It's just a tiny garden but it will give us lots of delicious veggies through the summer.

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